Buddha meditated for 6 years in Bihar before attaining enlightenment.

Before leaving for Bodh Gaya, Lord Buddha is said to have meditated for six years on the hill. Seven Buddhist stupas are scattered throughout the hilltop, with the remnants of five of them still visible.

There are three caverns known as Mahakaala caves halfway up the mountain where Lord Buddha meditated for six years before obtaining enlightenment. As a result, the region is known as Pragbodhi. There is still an image of Lord Buddha, emaciated after years of fasting and meditation, at the Mahakaal cave, where he meditated.

The state tourism department intends to erect a statue of Lord Buddha atop the hill to commemorate this event in his life. In addition, the neighbourhood surrounding Pragbodhi is being developed with a café, souvenir stores, and other visitor services.

"While Lord Buddha's enlightenment site has already been designated by UNESCO, there are plans to construct his meditation location. Pragbodhi is becoming more well-known, and travellers, particularly those from other nations, make it a point to visit Pragbodhi and the Mahakala cave in Dungeshwari hill. However, the area need tourist infrastructure "Bihar tourism minister Narayan Prasad remarked during a conference in Gaya on Saturday to assess tourism projects in the twin cities of Gaya and Bodh Gaya.

According to the minister, the Bihar state tourism development corporation (BSTDC), which has been in charge of these tourism projects, has been requested to construct world-class amenities at Pragbodhi due to the increasing volume of foreign tourists. He said, "They've also been told to finish the pending works...before the start of the tourism season in October."

A Buddha monument atop the Dungeshwari hill, according to the minister, will boost Pragbodhi's tourism appeal. A ropeway has also been proposed for this slope. "At the moment, tourists must walk to the top of the hill.”The ropeway will make the trip to the mountaintop more convenient and easier," he explained.

The tourist department has yet to issue a tender for the ropeway at Dungeshwari, according to a BSTDC employee who did not want to be identified.